LOGIC Founded in the year 2010, headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida as an independent US e-cigarette company which, later on, was acquired by JAPAN TOBACCO INC. in 2015. Since then the company looked not only at the speed of change but at the trends of the market as well. They silently and simply developed their portfolios based on it: from cig-alike device to pen formats. A suffix ‘compact’ was introduced which actually communicates a pocket-sized design of the device – which is the consumers’ preference these days – user friendly, smaller and handy. The Logic Compact is a closed-tank system device carrying a wonderful tagline ‘In Your Hands’. Soon after the successful launch of the device, the company quickly introduced new flavors of e-liquids and device colors which rapidly took-on in the vape community globally. The focused team is now working on the Gen-Next version.

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